Demo of the LG TV Integration with Amwell

Apr 2, 2023 9:00:00 PM

By John Lynn

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At a recent conference, I had a chance to chat with Atul Singh, General Manager, Digital Health at LG Electronics about their virtual care solution with Amwell.  It makes a lot of sense why Amwell and LG would want to work together.  Many hospitals and healthcare organizations have already installed LG TVs in their organizations or they will as they build new hospitals or update their existing exam rooms.  Those TVs often act as a hub of information for a patient and increasingly are becoming a patients connection with their nurses and doctors.

Given that final piece, LG and Amwell have partnered to launch what they call the Carepoint TV Kit that allows providers to remotely engage and monitor patients.  Some of the common use cases for this solution is for things like virtual rounding, virtual sitters (e-sitting), isolation room monitoring, and nursing.

We’ve covered many of these types of solutions before.  COVID made virtual rounding reasonable and normal since we wanted to decrease the spread of infection.  Plus, doctors appreciate the saved time not having to roam the hospital.  Virtual sitters has proven to be a great solution where one virtual sitter can monitor up to 16 rooms at one time (although, that may be more than is recommended for one person depending on the needs of the patients).  Enabling the LG TVs to be able to facilitate patients connection with these care providers is important and valuable.

Check out the video to learn more about LG’s work with Amwell to create the Carepoint TV kit solution and to see a short demo of some of the features in action.

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